Sophie's Guardian

Is a virtual reality horror game developed by GameCoder Studios in collaboration with Render Farm Studios. Two Mexican studios dedicated to the creation of video games and digital art. If you want to know more about them, below we leave the links to their respective sites.

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Sophie, a 9-year-old girl, and her mom recently moved to a very old house at the outskirts of town. As soon as they arrive the kid explores the house alongside her best friend, a worn teddy bear named Griff.

The girl happens to find a very rusty key and opens the door of a locked room over the second floor. The place it’s filled with things forgotten by the previous owners, there are scribbles in the walls and it has a very eerie vibe to it. Sophie suddenly finds herself surrounded by tiny red eyes and the sound of a hipnotical music box starts playing behind her.

Sophie realizes she can’t move anymore as a crooked voice whispers: “You’re not welcome” as some skinny long doll arms take her away as she drops her teddy bear to the floor; the door gets shut and nobody hears or notices the unfortunate event… except for Griff.

Sophie's Guardian

Sophie’s Guardian

In this horror VR experience you will take the place of an old guardian; Griff the teddy bear. You must fight against the evil toys that inhabit little Sophie's room. Your gunslinger abilities and a pair of winchester's is all you need to protect her from the evil dolls and her deepest fears.

Sophie’s Guardian is a VR Game Survival Horror FPS running under Windows PC that provides a creepy experience for players with four intense shooting modes: Guardian, Gunslinger, Puppeteer and Carnival. Guardian gives you the chance to protect Sophie against the evil forces of fear. Gunslinger mode tests your accuracy and reflexes with the increasing evil dolls hordes. In puppeteer mode one player protects Sophie and the other player triggers the evil dolls’ waves. This is a carnival. Every time you destroy an evil doll, it can appear one of several magic balloons. If you pop the balloon Griff gets a momentary special power, this gives strategy and versatility to the fights against your enemies.

Commercial License

Sophie's Guardian is also available for your Virtual Reality Arcade, coffee shop, venue or event. Sophie's Guardian and its Arcade-like Scoreboards are the perfect mix to ensure intense competition moments among the Guardians that are trying to be the best doll hunter of the game. The "Puppeteer Mode" (an asymmetrical multiplayer) is ideal for sharing the game between two people at the same time; one Guardian wears the HMD and the other using a keyboard/gamepad to spawn the enemies.

Commercial licenses for Sophie's Guardian are available and sold on the provision that each license is to be installed on one computer, and to be played by one Virtual reality system at a time. If you have any questions regarding the terms or prices please contact us.

ESRB Rating - TEEN
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